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Reflective Decals

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Whether it’s a matter of safety or a matter of being seen, reflective decals are designed for high visibility.

For increased safety, pedestrians and cyclists wear reflective clothing at night to increase their visibility. That’s the same principle behind reflective decals. Use these decals when dim lighting creates a potential hazard. A reflective wrap on your business vehicle not only promotes safety by increasing its visibility at night, it also increases your business promotion!

Even in the daylight, reflective decals will dazzle. But don’t dismiss that quality as merely a gimmick. The way these decals catch the light increases the chance that they will catch the attention of customers. And you don’t need to change your palette to neon hues to accomplish that.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of reflective decals, it’s time to give this option some thought. Upping your logo’s eye appeal is a valuable advantage in marketing your business. And improving safety is always a smart move.

Contact Grafx Central and we’ll show you what difference reflective decals can make.

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