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Whether surface or underground, mining is big business. It takes heavy equipment, safety precautions and proper training to operate the equipment. Grafx Central has a whole package of products to address the needs of the mining business sector.

Branding decals: Name recognition is basic to your business. Your customers need to identify you easily. Grafx Central has you covered.

Safety decals: Our safety decals meet the toughest standards for strength and durability. That’s a necessity in the mining industry. Few workplaces pose the hazardous challenges that mining poses, where safety is an utmost concern. Our safety decals stand up to the harshest environment.

Decal Kits: You have bigger concerns than tracking decals for the myriad parts of a fleet of equipment. Let Grafx Central organize your needs for labeling parts so your attention stays focused on keeping your business moving.

Control Overlays: Mining equipment is more sophisticated than a pickaxe these days. Control overlays are essential for proper operation of the equipment. Our overlays are tough enough for any working conditions.

Operator Manuals: Modern mining equipment demands training to operate it. Grafx Central produces manuals to meet your specific need. Ask us how we can provide a manual that’s up to your exacting standards.

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